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Artificial tree Dracena 160 cm

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Dracena is a popular houseplant whose name comes from the ancient Greek word Drakaina or "dragoness", due to the red gummy resin in the stems of Dracena, which is likened to dragon's blood. Centuries ago, this resin was used as a toothpaste, dye and medicine. Today it is still used as a fermage and in light printing. Taking care of Dracena is relatively simple and can survive even slight neglect. Its leaves with beautiful colourful patterns not only attract attention in the room, but Dracena also improves the air quality. Regularly wiping the top and bottom of the leaves with a damp cloth allows the plant to have free air exchange in the room. With its characteristic sword-shaped leaves and minimal care requirements, Dracena is a perfect houseplant.


Dracena is native to Madagascar and other islands of the Indian Ocean. It grows naturally only in warm climates. Although it reaches a respectable height in its natural habitat, it is much smaller indoors. Dracaena fragrans (Fragrant Dracena), for example, reaches heights of up to 15 metres in tropical parts of Africa, while indoors it is 1-1.8 metres tall.


Our artificial Dracena is 160 cm high including the pot. It consists of 3 trunks that are made of plastic. The 61 green plastic leaves feel realistic to the touch. They are beautifully elongated, sword-shaped. The leafing starts at the top of the stem. It is a perfect replica of the real version of this palm. This Dracena comes in a basic plastic pot with a diameter of 20,32 cm, together with an artificial substrate which is covered with moss.


Our Dracena will fill open and over-lit rooms very nicely. Thanks to its realistic appearance, it will be a beautiful decoration for your home or office and you will also forget that this plant is actually artificial. It looks beautiful on pedestals, in living rooms and dining rooms, always in the most presentable parts of the apartment or house. Our Dracena is guaranteed to bring the exotic right into your home.


We recommend combining Dracena with other plants that have their natural habitat on islands or in places where the climate is dry, such as various Cactus, Dracenas or Yuccas. It also looks nice on its own, as its beautiful oblong leaves are a beautiful decoration in themselves. It is no coincidence that Dracena is one of the most popular houseplants ever. Our Dracena also goes very well with pots in earthy colours. It can also be nicely complemented with decorative light-coloured gravel, which nicely completes this beautiful plant. Pots, decorative gravel as well as the other products mentioned can be found on our website.


Product code 20074
Height 160 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Insert diameter 20 cm
Number of stems / stems 3 ks
Stem / stem material plastic
Leaf height 60 cm
Leaf width 10 cm
Number of sheets 63 ks
Sheet material plastic
Trunk / stem color brown, green
Leaf color white, green
Trunk / stem height 80 cm
UV Protection not


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