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Artificial Petunia tendril purple 75 cm

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If you are a lover of flowering plants, but you are not good at growing them, this beautiful artificial petunia tendril with 5 shoots and beautiful purple flowers is a great solution for your home. This radiant tendon of Petunia will enliven even the darker rooms of the household and will make you happy without having to worry about watering it. The color design of purple flowers, grainy green leaves, relief of leaves and fullness of leaves and flowers is perfect. The petunia tendril is especially interesting for its rich, colorful flowers and funnel-shaped flowers. In order to make artificial tendrils appear as realistic as possible, great emphasis was placed on production for reproduction and carving of buds and flowers. Our artificial Petunia tendril is ideal for any place, whether on the balcony or on the wall. You can use it to make your own floral decorations and arrange it with other tendrils and plants. The tendril is approximately 70 cm long, including the mallet, the tendril diameter is approximately 20 cm, and leafing begins at approximately 15 cm. This beautiful tendril is equipped with 135 leaves, 18 flowers made of quality textile material.


Product code 4739
Determination interior
Flowerpot not included
Length 70 cm
Average 20 cm
Sheet material textiles
Trunk / stem color natural green
Branch color green
Leaf color green
Flower color purple
UV Protection not
Country of origin Germany
Fruits / flowers yes


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