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Artificial tree Dracena 135 cm

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You will get to know Dracen very quickly, because at first glance it has a simple look that is nothing special. Thanks to its characteristic sword-shaped leaves and minimal care requirements, Dracena is an almost perfect houseplant . It grows naturally only in warm climates. Although it reaches a decent height in the natural environment, it is much smaller in the interior. It comes from the tropical parts of Africa where its height is up to 15 meters, while in the interior it is 1 - 1.8 m high. There are several varieties to choose from in the market. It is also interesting that each species has a different color and leaf size. It features clean lines that make it suitable for homes that are airy and minimalist.


It comes from the subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Madagascar and other islands of the Indian Ocean. The origin of the name of the plant comes from the ancient Greek word drakaina or "dragonfly" thanks to the red gummy resin in the stems of Dracena, which they compared to the blood of a dragon. Once upon a time, this resin was used as a toothpaste, medicine or dye. Today, it is still used, for example, in photogravure printing. Dracena is one of the most effective houseplants, which is able to improve the air quality in our homes, can clean the air from formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, trichlorethylene, xylene and cigarette smoke. It is interesting that some varieties of Dracena grow as trees and others as shrubs.


Bring a little green to your interior with this artificial Dracena, which looks alive. The dracena is 135 cm high and is the perfect way to liven up the interior . It has four trunks that are attached to the basic flowerpot . The surface of the substrate in the basic pot is covered with an imitation of moss. The diameter of this flowerpot is 17.78 cm. The center of the leaves is orange, which gradually blends into green, and the edges of the leaves are again lined with orange. The leaves are made of plastic but look alive to the touch. Their number is 92 pcs.


Dracena is perfect for those who want to have plants in their home, but don't have enough time to take care of them. The Dracena artificial tree is designed for the interior. It is an ideal accessory whether for your home , office or surgery . You will welcome it especially where the rays of daylight do not reach.


We recommend combining Dracen with various other products from our offer. If you want to create a green composition, do not hesitate to reach for example Ficus , Bamboo Madagascar. In this combination you can create a beautiful green oasis of peace. In our offer you will also find a number of decorative flower pots in which your Dracena will stand out nicely.


Product code 20072
Height 135 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Insert height 15 cm
Insert diameter 17.9 cm
Number of stems / stems 2 ks
Stem / stem material plastic
Leaf height 38 cm
Leaf width 7 cm
Number of sheets 92 ks
Sheet material plastic
Trunk / stem color brown
Leaf color green, red
Insert color black


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