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Artificial garland Ivy green 190 cm

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Ivy is an evergreen climbing plant that over time becomes woody. It is a plant typical of forest cover. He prefers half shade to shade. Ivy thrives well in moist soil rich in humus. It is one of the most undemanding and at the same time resistant plants. It does not drop leaves for the winter. That is why it is often a part of autumn and Christmas decorations. Ivy tolerates cutting and shaping very well. A few years after planting, Ivy begins to grow faster. Therefore, it is necessary to use an intensive cut together with a fine, maintenance cut. It can reproduce throughout the year. There are several possibilities to use ivy in the garden. It is usually used to beautify fences, gazebos, pergolas or other areas in the garden.


Ivy is the only climbing plant that has its home in Central Europe. Overall, it grows in Europe in the north to the south of Scandinavia, in the east to the Baltics and Ukraine, in the south it is absent in Greece, Crete, Moldova and also in the Hungarian lowlands, it continues to grow in Asia Minor, the Caucasus, Armenia, northern Iran, in Lebanon, in Israel. It grows in deciduous and mixed forests, on rocks, rubble, ruins, in shrubs, on humus-rich, nutritious, slightly acidic to neutral soils. It is often grown in gardens, parks, cemeteries and the like, where as a perennial green plant it is suitable for covering walls and fencing. It is quite abundant in our country, but in some places it is missing, with increasing altitude the frequency of occurrence decreases.


Artificial garland Green ivy is 190 cm long. Its stem is green in color and is made of high quality plastic material. The stem also contains 113 leaves made of plastic, but they are as alive to the touch and this helps to complete a really realistic effect of the whole garland. These leaves are dark green in color, combined with light green for an even more realistic touch.


Our garland Brečtan is designed for the interior . It can be very nicely placed on a shelf and so beautifully fill an empty space, but you can also hang it on the ceiling in your winter garden, for example. Due to the fact that it does not have protection against UV radiation, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It is a suitable substitute for a live plant, as it does not need regular care or watering. It will brighten even the darkest corner in your home.


Artificial garland Ivy, due to the fact that it is a creeping plant, can be very nicely combined with various tendrils of Ivy , but also with the branches from our offer. You will definitely appreciate its use to complete any arrangement. You also don't have to be afraid to combine this garland with our flowering plants. On our website you can also choose decorative stones to make your decoration special. For a richer volume, choose more pieces of ivy garland. You will create a really breathtaking example of autumn decorations for your table or shelf.


Product code 20201
Determination interior
Length 190 cm
Number of stems / stems 1 ks
Stem / stem material plastic
Leaf height 12 cm
Leaf width 9 cm
Number of sheets 113 ks
Sheet material plastic
Leaf color green
UV Protection not
The length of the mandrel 10 cm


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