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Artificial tree Coffee tree 130 cm

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The coffee tree originally comes from the mountainous regions of Ethiopia. Our artificial coffee tree is processed in great detail like a real tree in nature. The individual large green leaves are stalked to each other and have a realistic color, relief and shape. We have also attached special importance to many white star flowers, which form as clusters in leaves. Of course, you will also find typical coffee beans in various degrees of maturity on our coffee tree. From green through red to black coffee beans. Very nice decoration for your home or office. The height of the plant, including the basic pot, is approximately 130 cm. Leafing on the plant begins at about 35 cm. The plant is equipped with 368 leaves. They are made of quality textiles. The diameter of the plant is approximately 60-70 cm. The number of real crowns on the tree is 4 pieces, on average they have approximately 2 - 4 cm DM). The size of the basic pot is 13x15 cm (VxHM). We recommend a flowerpot with a diameter of about 25-30 cm.


Product code 652
Height 130 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Average 40 cm
Insert height 13 cm
Insert diameter 15 cm
Insert material plastic
Stem / stem material wood
Number of sheets 368 ks
Sheet material textiles
Trunk / stem color brown
Leaf color green
Flower color white
Fetal color red, black, green
Start browsing 35 cm
Flower material textiles
UV Protection not
Country of origin Germany
Fruits / flowers yes


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