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Artificial plant Philodendron 45 cm

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The philodendron originally came from the rainforest and thanks to its always green and beautiful appearance it is great as a houseplant. It attracts with its distinctive heart-shaped shape, which we reproduced in great detail. The glossy material used for this purpose means that the leaves look natural. The plant has 70 green leaves, 8 branches and is about 40-45 cm tall. At the end, the individual branches converge into a plug-in mallet. Thanks to this, the artificial plant can be easily inserted into the soil, hydrogranulate, flower foam or existing flower pots. The diameter of the plant is about 25-30 cm. The leaves are made of canvas.


Product code 4751
Height 45 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot not included
Average 25 cm
Trunk / stem color natural green
Leaf color yellow-green
UV Protection not
Country of origin Germany


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