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Venus artificial plant 20 cm

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This artificial bouquet of Venus (Dionaea muscipula), also known as Flytrap, with its remarkable leaves is a pleasant decoration for your table or window sill. There are a lot of hairs around the edges of the leaves - spikes (also known as sensitive hairs), as well as real ones. Inside the 9 sheets is pink / red. The diameter of this plant is about 25 cm, while the total height including the tip is about 24 cm. The plant is like a single stem, so it can be easily processed into beautiful arrangements. The plant is equipped with 9 leaves.


Product code 4056
Height 24 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot not included
Average 25 cm
Number of stems / stems 1 ks
Number of sheets 9 ks
Trunk / stem color green
Branch color green
Leaf color green
Start browsing 7 cm
UV Protection not
Country of origin Netherlands
Fruits / flowers not


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