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Artificial Magnolia tree 160 cm

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Magnolia is an amazing plant that even survived the dinosaur era. But even now the magnolia will delight the eye with its beautiful flowers. Magnolia is popular all over the world for its incredibly beautiful flowering. A popular and often planted more exotic tree, it attracts with its rich annual flowering, nice habit and foliage, which is beautifully colored in autumn. A magnolia is a tree whose height ranges from 2.5 to 6.5 m. The shape of the tree is pyramidal, because it grows rounded with growth. The leaves have a rich green tint, they are large, strong and shiny. The inflorescence grows upwards, the blooming flowers are large, cup-shaped. The diameter of the flower reaches about 15 cm, in the inflorescence there are six petals of light pink shade. Blooming inflorescence is very fragrant. The flowering period starts in April and ends in June. The lifespan of the tree is about 50 years. The variety was obtained by crossing lilies of the valley and stars.


The original home of a diverse genus of magnolias is East Asia, East North America and Central America. Up to 80 species (and hundreds of cultivars) are known to be evergreen, semi-deciduous or deciduous, with evergreen magnolias occurring naturally in warmer climates and growing to a height of 25 meters. In our climatic conditions, we usually grow deciduous species such as Magnolia soulangova, Magnolia lily-flowered, or Magnolia star-flowered, but we can also meet evergreen species such as Magnolia large-flowered.


Our artificial Magnolia is 160 cm high, including the basic flowerpot . The basic plastic flowerpot has a diameter of 20.32 cm, its surface is covered with moss. It has 9 plastic trunks. The leaves are made of plastic but look alive to the touch. The flowers are made of high quality textile material. It is a perfect replica of a living tree and is suitable for interiors.


Artificial Magnolia is suitable for many spaces. However, customers most often place them in offices , commercial or administrative premises . It is also possible to place them in halls , pool areas, corridors and dark corners without access to light. The Magnolia artificial tree is also suitable for houses, apartments and restaurants. They are suitable for living rooms , corridors , halls, hotel entrance halls, in short, everywhere where a living plant would not succeed. Artificial Magnolia is suitable for people who suffer from allergies and live trees and flowers would cause them difficulties. Quality artificial Magnolias are as vivid and realistic to the touch - the colors are really very nice. As there is a large selection of color shades, do not be afraid to combine with several types of Magnolia. The result will be amazing.


This Magnolia tree is charming and lush at the same time. He doesn't need a companion for himself, he can do it alone. Combined with the right flower pot, this exceptional tree will become a stylish addition to your home. This Magnolia tree is a very luxurious design element for versatile use and will surely enchant you as well.


Product code 20027
Height 160 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Width 35 cm
Insert height 17 cm
Insert diameter 20 cm
Number of stems / stems 9 ks
Stem / stem material plastic
Leaf height 10 cm
Leaf width 5 cm
Sheet material plastic
Trunk / stem color brown
Leaf color green
Flower color pink
Bud color pink
Flower material textiles
UV Protection not
Insert color black


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