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Color trends in the interior for 2020

In today's article, we will introduce you to trends that should definitely not be missing in your interior either. As usual, world designers, not only in the fashion industry, but also in the design department, will determine a few interesting colors at the beginning of the year, which are a hit of the year. We must recognize that those earmarked for 2020 are unique and unmistakable.

Navy blue as an element that must not be missing in your home

This unmistakable color in the interior can work wonders. It looks luxurious, timeless and that's why we can't be surprised that it is called one of the colors of 2020. However, in order not to make your interior look dark, combine it with the classic white color. This combination of colors will guarantee you security that will not bore you and you will still enjoy it. You can also experiment by buying a wallpaper with an interesting pattern in navy blue. It will definitely be an element that attracts and does not get bored.

When choosing accessories, we recommend reaching for the classic gilded ones, which have been a trend for several years and we really can't be surprised. If you decide to aerate the interior with flowers, you will definitely not take a step aside. If you have a large room, invest in buying a flower of larger stature, such as a monster, which is unmistakably beautiful and original. The tree fern is also proud of its popularity due to its uniqueness. However, if you have a smaller space, it does not mean that your space should be left without flowers. On the contrary. Flowers can work miracles. In this case, however, reach for flowers of smaller stature, such as zamiokulkas, which is directly ideal for smaller spaces. However, if you are looking for blooming flowers, a great choice will be the purchase of orchids or medinilla, which with its uniqueness looks luxurious and exclusive.

An olive that can work miracles

This interesting shade of color is becoming more and more popular and its originality wins the heart of many lovers of interior design. It is this interesting color that is very suitable for classic wood, but also for timeless furniture with gilded legs or already classically with black matt paint. However, we would recommend applying this paint to accessories, not walls. However, if you decide to apply olive to the walls as well, consult experts who can mix the ideal shade for you - in this case a drop lighter. You can also opt for a sofa, the cover of which will be in olive color, and it is on this piece that all the attention is focused.

Flowers should definitely not be missing even in a room where the dominant element is in olive color. You create harmony by applying cacti that are unique to the room. An especially suitable choice will be such artificial palm trees, which are the right icing on the cake.

Soft pink in combination with gray as a perfect combo

If you are already planning to remodel your children's room, or you are just looking for a small change, a soft pink will also be a suitable choice, which has been popular for several seasons. However, be careful not to turn the whole room into a pink kingdom - it would be cheap and tedious. However, if you stick to the ground, the result will be perfect and tasteful.

Again, this color is matched by an ageless classic in the form of gilded accessories. You can achieve the perfect color contrast by adding flowers that can work wonders. Afelandra, peperonia or even the unique aloe vera are suitable for this color combination.

Which flowers to choose?

The choice of flowers is extremely important no matter what color of 2020 you choose to inspire. However, not everyone has beautiful living greenery for several years. Many plants do not like dark corners in which flowers are perfectly suited to brighten the object. Allergy sufferers also want flowers in their house or apartment, but from a health point of view, they must deny themselves this pleasure.

We have a solution for you. Professional imitations of plants in top quality are indistinguishable from classic plants. Plant trunks are made of natural materials, so you don't have to worry about the plants looking like an ordinary ugly piece of plastic.