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  1. Frequently asked questions


    What should I do if I want to claim the goods? How fast does it take to process a complaint?

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  2. Frequently asked questions

    Transport and delivery

    What is the delivery time? What is the mode of transport? Can I pay in cash when receiving the package?

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  3. Frequently asked questions


    How can I order? Can I order abroad? Can I cancel my order if it has not already been shipped?

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  4. Frequently asked questions

    Returns & Refunds

    How can I return the goods? How many days do I have to return the goods? How long does it take to transfer money to an account?

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  5. about company


    Can't find the answer in our Help Center? Or do you want to contact us for some other reason? Write to us and we will get back to you soon.

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  6. about company

    About us

    The HK Green online store specializes in the import and distribution of decorative imitations of plants (trees, palms, flowers) from several major European manufacturers.

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  7. All about shopping

    Complaint conditions

    Complaint conditions and warranty service of the online store. Complaints handling is governed by the warranty conditions of the specific goods.

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  8. All about shopping


    We process your personal data for the purpose of concluding the contract via the Internet and its fulfillment, in particular for accepting and registering the order, processing the order, sending the goods, issuing the accounting document, resolving the withdrawal from the contract and possible complaints.

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  9. All about shopping

    Business conditions

    The general business and complaint conditions of the e-shop regulate the process of purchasing goods by consumers through the e-shop, the conditions of sale and purchase of goods through the seller's e-shop, the rights and obligations of the parties, ie the seller and the consumer arising from the purchase contract concluded between these parties. is the purchase and sale of goods through the seller's e-shop.

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  10. Frequently asked questions

    Payment options

    What types of payments are available? Can I get an invoice in my company name? Will I receive a confirmation of payment?

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