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Hedge or professional imitation?


Hedges have long been used to define land. They are used to determine the boundary of the land, prevent unwanted entry, ensure privacy and fulfill   also a very important role in the overall aesthetic design of the space. Planting hedges, various species of deciduous and evergreen plants, shrubs and trees. It depends on the taste of the owner, on a suitable environment and also on the object whose appearance they complete. In order to be in good health and in terms of appearance, they require considerable knowledge from the grower about the plants used, the suitability of the habitat, the suitability of the soil and the method of fertilization, the amount of moisture, sunlight. Weather conditions, which have been significantly variable recently, also have a great influence on the condition and appearance of the hedge. It is greatly affected by diseases and pests. Even those that until recently occurred in our latitudes only sporadically, or did not occur at all.

Professional imitation hedge

Many, if not all, of these problems can be overcome by using professional imitation. Just as manufacturers are engaged in the production of imitations of plants, they are also engaged in the production of artificial hedges in a very wide range.

The use of quality material and top technologies ensures their long-term color and shape stability. They can withstand the weather without any problems. The production materials used are a guarantee that imitations of hedges can withstand high temperatures, heavy frost, rain and long-term humidity for a long time without negative consequences. They are characterized by UV stability, ie they resist direct sunlight. They are even made with refractory materials. They are easy to maintain, just maintenance-free . For easier handling and simple installation, imitations of hedges are produced in the form of panels in in several dimensions. Square panels are mostly produced in the dimensions 25x25 cm, 50x50 cm and 100x100 cm. Rectangular panels are mostly 60x40 cm. The underside consists of a plastic grid on which an imitation of a hedge is attached.

The installation itself does not require high craftsmanship and no special tools are needed . The basis of an artificial hedge can be a fence made of mesh, wood, concrete, masonry, forged and sheet metal fence. It can therefore be installed on all materials commonly used to build fences. When installing the panels on the mesh, conventional cable ties and tension wire are optionally used. When installing on other materials, screws, suitable dowels, various hooks are used.

Another big advantage is imitation that can be placed anywhere. As green walls and paintings, or how the various bulkheads and screens. They are suitable for beautifying spaces and give them a higher level from an aesthetic point of view. According to current trends, they are increasingly used in finishing the interiors of apartments, offices, entrance and congress halls, hotel rooms, restaurants, fitness centers, bathrooms, swimming pools, wellness centers, etc.

The range of imitations is wide and it is possible to opt for an imitation of a real plant, which is realistic, or choose panels that are formed by collages - the fence is formed by a varied structure of leaves in several colors and types.

Outside, imitations can be used as a classic hedge. To increase the realistic look, you can beautify them with various aesthetic accessories, flowers, doors, gates. In combination with the environment formed by living plants, they harmonize beautifully and form one harmonious whole.

Imitations are also very practical and suitable for completing the overall look of balconies, loggias and terraces. Another significant advantage of imitation hedges is that they can also be made of replicas of plants that cannot be grown outdoors. If you have decided to place imitations in the outdoor environment, it is advisable to choose products made of PE or PVC materials. These products last significantly longer in the outdoor environment. Manufacturers state a warranty of up to 10 years. When choosing a suitable imitation hedge, it is necessary to keep in mind that the smaller the leaves and the shorter the stems, the smaller the transparency of the fence.

The sight of a nice evergreen "hedge" at any time of year will still confirm you in the belief that it is definitely an investment that will pay off.