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Bonsai - a symbiosis of man and nature

In today's article, we will introduce you to interesting facts about beautiful bonsai, which must definitely not be missing at your home or in your company. However, you will also learn the benefits of owning artificial bonsai and basic information about the extremely popular Zen garden, which is becoming more and more popular and we can't be surprised.

The meaning of bonsai

The word bonsai comes from Japanese and its literal meaning is "tree in a pot". The term "bonsai" has been adopted in all world languages and refers to trees grown in shallow pots. Such a plant should look like a real tree found in nature, but in a miniature form.

Legend has it that the emperor of the Han dynasty created a real little landscape on his estate with rivers and lakes, hills and valleys and beautiful miniature trees. Bonsai constantly fascinates plant lovers around the world. If you have already considered buying it, this information should definitely convince you of the correctness of your decision.

Bonsai are much more than just small trees. Even the Japanese and the Chinese considered bonsai to be a source of concentrated energy and put them in a decorative niche during festive moments or meditations. Bonsai has long been respected in the ancient art of Feng Shui for its ability to draw life energies into a room. Taking care of them is considered a real art. This miniature tree can take many years to reach a true form imitating wild specimens.

Where to place these original pieces?

If you are looking for something special for your home, office or restaurant, it's time to consider artificial bonsai . Simple artificial miniature trees offer you many benefits. The main ones are sustainability and minimal care . Whether indoors or outdoors, in a small office or as a handy addition to a restaurant, bonsai fits into any room and any preferred style. You can place artificial bonsai even where a live flower would not have ideal conditions. However, do not apply artificial bonsai to direct sunlight to avoid the undesirable effect of fading tree colors.

Taking care of live bonsai is time consuming, but also financially demanding. The advantage of artificial plants is a one-time purchase. In addition, you will not have the costs associated with caring for pruning, fertilizing or watering. By buying artificial bonsai, you are guaranteed to save a considerable amount.

All our products are suitable for people who suffer from allergies and live trees or flowers would cause them health problems.

Zen garden and its importance

The Zen garden combines nature with traditional beliefs that emphasize deep contemplation. These unmistakable gardens are mainly made of carefully stacked stones on top of each other, moss or gravel. The gardens are found mainly in smaller designs, and thanks to that all the attention is focused on this small piece of peace and beauty in one.

It's not just about beauty, but above all it has an irreplaceable deeper meaning. The garden should be a place where you can get to the level of maximum peace after a tiring day. After adding the Zen element, the dream feeling happens as if by flicking a magic wand.

As we know, a traditional Zen garden does not have many different flowers or trees. We encounter here mainly classics such as bonsai trees , or various versions of trees with smaller growth. One of the best advantages of artificial bonsai or plants is their true appearance. Quality imitations look very real and sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish them from the living ones. They retain their originally designed shapes or color very well. Since there is no growth, you do not have to worry about watering, fertilizing or pruning. The synthetic tree will look almost the same for a few years as when you bought it. A maximum of a few minutes a week is enough to maintain the leaves, trunk and flowerpot.

Not only maximum peace, but also the awakening of the senses is the desired effect. The olfactory cells are especially pleased with floral scents that are soothing, such as lavender or jasmine.