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5 reasons why artificial flowers are a great addition

In today's article, we bring you 5 reasons why artificial flowers are the right choice on the way to a harmonious interior design.

Many people still prefer choosing a live flower to an artificial one. They are afraid that their dream piece will look like a failed piece of plastic, which will also be gaudy and tasteless. As technology moves forward at a rapid pace, the production of artificial trees, flowers and extremely popular palm trees is no exception. Tasteless plastics replace original pieces that are indistinguishable from live flowers. The trunks are made of natural materials and the resulting product is often planted in a quality flowerpot.

1. low maintenance

Live plants require a lot of time watering, fertilizing or transplanting. However, not everyone can take care of the flowers enough and the result is withered flowers that do not have a long life. Coping with lighting conditions is also a difficult nut.

Artificial flowers are a suitable alternative. The sight of always green flowers is the reason why you should choose this way. Unlike live flowers, artificial flowers do not require constant watering, fertilizing or transplanting. Save your precious time, which you can spend more efficiently. The only thing you need to do when caring for artificial flowers is to dust the leaves once in a while from dust. However, you do not miss this step when caring for live flowers, so in the end, you will save a quantity of time, which is extremely rare.

2. they are durable

As we know, live flowers are extremely fragile and require special lighting conditions. Artificial flowers are made of durable materials and it cannot happen that the plant will break. An important benefit that we must not forget to mention is that you do not have to rely on the lighting conditions of your plant. Artificial flowers will illuminate every dark corner of your house, but also offices or restaurants. You can apply them anywhere, they will still shine with their original beauty for many years.

3. they are a cost-effective alternative

Buying a live plant will definitely not stop the movement on your credit card. Many special preparations or fertilizers cost a lot of money and there is still a risk that one day you will lose your beloved flower with the wrong care.

A good choice is to invest in professional imitations of plants , which you can get with a simple purchase. You don't have to spend money on preparations, as artificial flowers do not need special care, unlike live flowers.

4. they look fantastic

The appearance of artificial flowers is no longer indistinguishable from live flowers. Only quality materials are used in the production, thanks to which the flower looks like from an experienced gardener or a passionate flower grower.

At HK Green, we have teamed up with leading manufacturers of artificial plants such as Eurogreens, Maxifluer and Plastip in order to add to our catalog some of the most popular plants that are of top quality. By buying artificial plants from our e-shop, you will definitely not step aside. First-class quality is a guarantee of success. It is important for us that our customer is extremely satisfied with the goods and is proud of his plant, which will bring him joy even a few years later.

5. they are a universal accessory

An accessory that will definitely not spoil anything. Flowers are a guarantee of satisfaction in the space you live in, but also your friends will feel much better in a perfectly harmonized interior. The color green has beneficial effects on the human body. It is this color that has regenerative effects, helps to calm the mind and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a health point of view, buying artificial plants is the best choice you can choose. Our artificial flowers are not harmful to health and are therefore also suitable for areas where allergy sufferers stay.