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Artificial tree Wisteria purple 150 cm

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The Wisteria is a woody, fast-growing Liana with a large weight, which has no tendrils and cannot do without firm support. It is usually used to plant near trees and terraces, where it is popularly "scratched" up. It wraps around the support in a clockwise direction, to the right. Wisteria grows to a height of 7.5 meters and more. It blooms from May to June, the flowers are butterfly-flowering and form impressive overhanging clusters that are up to 50 cm long in white, pink or purple. The flowers in the clusters unfold all at once, creating a very impressive image. It does not lose its appeal even after flowering. Its young light green leaves hang beautifully over the ground. Wisteria are strong climbing trees with various uses in the garden. It is frost-resistant and deciduous (in November). All parts of the plant and most seeds contain the poisonous glycoside Wisterin. Even the consumption of two to three seeds can have serious consequences for children.


It originates from the USA, it has been grown in Europe since 1816, but it is most widespread in Japan, China and Korea. Botanist Thomas Nuttall said he named the Wisteria family in memory of American physician and anatomist Caspar Wistar. There are usually two types grown in our gardens: Chinese wisteria and Japanese wisteria. Its famous viability, longevity, gentle flower waterfalls and penetrating scent make it the most attractive Liana. Wisteria adds a romantic atmosphere to the garden and wins the hearts of new flower lovers. It is also resistant to 20-degree frosts, so it is very popular in our region.

Wisteria likes a sunny location, protected from the wind. It requires a regular and radical cut.


Our artificial wisteria is 150 cm tall, including the basic plastic flower pot. The diameter of the basic flowerpot is 17.78 cm. The surface of the artificial substrate is covered with imitation moss. The Wisteria looks very realistic thanks to the tribe, which is made of natural wood, its leaves are detailed and made of high quality textiles.


The artificial tree Wisteria is designed for the interior. With its romantic look, it will attract the attention of not a single guest or customer. The wisteria can be placed in the hotel lobby, in the shopping center, in the entrance hall of the theater. It is suitable for various scenes, it increases the aesthetic level of the environment. This artificial tree is a great alternative.


With its beauty and majesty, the Wisteria is the queen of flowering trees. However, if you want to create a pleasant decoration, do not hesitate to reach for Ficus or Laurel. In this combination, you will create an oasis of peace and make your home or work environment more pleasant. On our website you will find all the products listed above, including decorative planters, with which you can create an even more tasteful and modern living place.


Product code 20025
Height 150 cm
Determination interior
Flowerpot inner liner only
Insert height 15 cm
Insert diameter 17.2 cm
Number of stems / stems 1 ks
Stem / stem material wood
Leaf height 7.5 cm
Leaf width 2 cm
Sheet material textiles
Trunk / stem color brown
Leaf color green
Flower color purple
Insert color black


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